Underpriviliged: Szurovecz Kitti - The fallen angel

"This girl is a fallen angel. Who is going to notice that she is much more important? How much love does she have in her heart? She saved me. Now it's my turn to save her."


Mia is sixteen, the girl from "nyírség" is forced to be a prostitute. Panka,the daughter of priveliged entrepreneurs gets in the graps of slavers. The two girls meets each other at a garage in the 8th avenue in Budapest. They became good friends and Mia promises Panka that she'll rescue her before they take her abroad. Sadly the tables turn and Mia gets on the list of the capturers. Szurovecz Kitti's exciting and horrible story is a fiction overall,but there's some truth behind the curtain. What's the human traficking like in Hungary? Where do they get all the girls?Is there an escape? Can somebody help?

Publisher: Athenaeum Publisher
Page number: 328 page
Appearance: 2018. September 27.
Size: 204 mm x 136 mm x 28 mm
Knitting: cardboard

ISBN: 9789632938202

It was addicting. I finished the book in seven hours and im still in shock. It was fascinating and horrible at the same time. How can one go through this amount of suffering just to get some food? Whats the work ethic in a "job" like this? I really love the author's books. She always writes excitin stories for example the "sokszívű". (When I saw her new book I knew I won't be disappointed. And I was right. I didn't even know the story somehow I felt that this is going to be awesome.In my opinion everbody should read this cause it can happen to anyone)

If I could i'd force everyone to read it. Everbody in their life felt that they're not safe its like a shadow behind your back. To this day I hate to walk alone especially when I'm alone. There's so much wrong in this world. I guess we(women) are the weaker sex and they can use us. Hell, even men can be used for extortion. I think in the perfect world nobody should be able to do something like this to someone.

Cover: 5/5

I liked the cover a lot.Its perfect and I couldn't fine better either. I love the colors. The grey bring a perfect meaning to the story. Everbody sees the world in black&white but I think its completely different. The whole world is grey.

About the story:

Our story just as I said brings us a very interesting story. In this particular book its the prostitution in Hungary.The main characters are the sixteen years old Panna and Mia who is 17. They are the opposites of each other but still end up in the same place.This story shows that it doesn't matter where you live,how much money do you have.You can still end up in this hole. Panna had everything you can think of and lived a perfect life.She mad one mistake only tho,she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Can you see how easy to get dragges into this grave? Mia grew up in a poor family and it was her only choice to bring food to her  younger brothers.She didn't want an Iphone nor a SmartTV. Their story goes through  300 pages from both sides.The reader gets to know two person who are so different but still end up together.

The story goes through many lines because you don't get to know prostitution simply but get to see the life of an orphan.Sure,you can hear of it but never see it close what happens on the other side of the track.We can see exactly what happens to a little kid when her family falls apart.

I read so much books about this topic but It was something new. It was fascinating yet horrible. I could relate to these two girls so freaking much,but it took a lot of time to get used to them. The book could hook me up for the whole time. And the ending got me thinking so much.


This is a perfectly-written story. I wouldn't say its easy to read but it's worth it. Its terrifying and beautiful at the same time.


Panna: Rich girl from midtown.It seems that she has everything she can ask for but somehow she's empty inside.From the naive girl she becomes a stubborn and brave woman.

Mia: To be honest, at the start  didn't like her because she asked for it herself. But boy Do I regret that now.. I feel sorry that she had to go through this to feed her brothers.

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